The LEAD Program

Our program is called LEAD, an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement and Development. The Sigma Nu LEAD program is the finest fraternity education program in the Greek world. However, it is not meant to simply orient you to membership as a Sigma Nu. Its purpose is to develop all men to be ethical leaders on campus and beyond. Sigma Nu will compliment and enhance your other leadership experiences in combination with other leadership development programs, student government, athletics and other organizations.

See what the LEAD Program has to offer each year:
First Year – LEAD PHASE I
Second Year – LEAD PHASE II
Fourth Year – LEAD PHASE IV
All Chapter LEAD – All Chapter LEAD Programming

Few programs match the quality of Sigma Nu’s LEAD Program. Specifically designed with a significant financial investment, the LEAD Program combines guest facilitators, experiential learning exercises, group simulations, and discussions to help young men enhance and develop new leadership qualities. In 1986 Sigma Nu was the first to establish Risk Reduction amongst the fraternities. Since then, Sigma Nu has all chapter LEAD sessions that focus on Risk Reduction.

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