Local History

From here we were left a bright, optimistic but confused group. We met early on in the library, ironically where Sigma Nu’s traditions first began at EKU in the late 19th century. We had papers and forms telling us where we were supposed to be headed, but without the guidance of anyone on campus to help us out. Immediately we began the search for new members, trying to spread our ideas about change and betterment at Eastern.

However, the reluctance of the campus was very prevalent as very few responded. We brainstormed in the early meetings about where our fraternity should head and immediately leadership began to emerge. We left that first December with mixed feelings about the fraternity; still confused, but excited about a fresh start in the spring. The spring recruitment period turned out about as expected, as we brought on four new members, three of which have stayed around to this point. Early meetings ran long, but assistance from local alumni helped us through our struggles. The culmination of this first semester was in our group’s first pilgrimage to national headquarters and to VMI. If anyone had any doubts about the strength of fraternity and the meaning of Sigma Nu, this trip dispelled all of them. Brother Mike Lee said of the trip, “For the first time, I really feel like I’m proud to be a member of an organization.” The history and the spirit of Sigma Nu was infused in all of us, and the spirit showed in the following year.

Recruitment was stronger as our fraternity doubled in size and as the campus leadership allowed us to become more involved in campus and Greek activities. Our growth was prevalent as we hosted our first Hall of Fame dinner, acknowledging Al Krueger with the honor. All of the alumni were extremely proud to see how prosperous the little colony at Eastern was. Sigma Nu led the way during our first Greek Week, taking home numerous awards. The leadership on campus began to shine as well as Sigma┬áNu’s could be seen across campus in Student Government, religious and political groups, and on club sports teams. The 14 strangers that met holding a strange flag in a dark room has become a tight bond of brothers that continually set precedents for EKU and for the Greek community. On November 15th 2003, the Colony of Sigma Nu regained its charter after two years of dedication to become the Theta Theta chapter of Sigma Nu.

The Sigma Nu tradition runs very deep at Eastern Kentucky University. The history dates back to the early days of the college and in many ways, the fraternity has been as much a staple at EKU as the ground that the campus sits on. This Chapter wishes to continue those deep traditions in a stronger way than ever before and to firmly reset Sigma Nu’s roots in Richmond, Kentucky forever.

Theta Theta's House from the 1970s

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