Why Fraternity?

In 1776, the first Greek-letter fraternity was founded. Phi Beta Kappa was founded by a group of William and Mary students in Williamsburg, Virginia. The basic founding principle of Phi Beta Kappa was to offer an outlet for students to further their philosophic knowledge, as well as provide a social outlet for the students of William and Mary.

“Phi Beta Kappa, like Sigma Nu, was organized for those with ability, ambition and serious purpose in life.” wrote Dick Vaughn, author of the fraternity‚Äôs timeless essay, The Way of Honor.

Sigma Nu seeks members who have a serious purpose in life, as well as an ambition to succeed in whatever they do. Sigma Nu offers a collegiate experience that will further their ambition and ability to succeed during their time in school as well as their experiences following their collegiate career.

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