For Parents

What is your greatest hope for your son?

He graduates —
He graduates with honors —
He grows up happy —
He is respected by his peers —
He continues the legacy which you’ve prepared him for —

What is your biggest fear for your son?

He skips class —
He gets hurt or in trouble with the law —
He’s disrespectful to others —
He abuses the opportunities that you’ve given him —

Let’s face it; college can be the fork in the road where hopes and fears meet; short-term pleasure and temptations often compete with the path of opportunities and success.

Your list of hopes for your son probably didn’t include being a “frat guy.” Well it isn’t on the top of our list either. Being a “frat guy” is easy — but being a “Fraternity Man” is the road less-traveled.

We realize that 18- to 22-year-old males usually don’t need much guidance how to have fun — it comes naturally. But we do realize that leadership, morals, dealing with people, defining achievement all take a little more planning, thought, and guidance.

Please take the time to research our values, history and mission. See if it aligns with your family’s values and hopes for your son.

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