LEAD is a four-phase member development program. LEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development. The purpose of LEAD is to develop ethical leaders for society, brothers who will make an impact on their chapter, campus and community. Each of the phases includes a unique curriculum. Sessions include exercises, simulations and discussions to highlight leadership issues students will face while in school and later in their lives and careers.

L.E.A.D. Phase I: This is the Candidates education program designed to be the foundation for knowledge about the chapter, teamwork leadership ethics and values with the end result being brothers prepared to be excellent members in their chapters.
Phase I sessions cover a variety of topics including fraternity, working in groups, project management, leadership basics, and international chapter operations.

LEAD Phase II: Phase II focuses on topics that will help members better understand oneself, become more focused, and acquire the skills needed to be successful as chapter officers. By giving members opportunities to improve your being set up to be active members throughout your college career.

Phase II sessions cover the seven habits of highly effective people, effective change, personal leadership development plans, and group decision making and several others.

LEAD Phase III: Is a self paced program that uses a leadership lab approach where participants apply what they have learned in LEAD to real life situations.
Self paced Phase III sessions cover: Social change, Ethics, Problem solving, Personal and organizational development.

LEAD Phase IV: Is for departing members of the chapter. These sessions are focused on topics that will help brothers make a successful transition from college to graduate school or the working world. Attention is focused on how seniors can play a meaningful role in the chapter during their final year.

Phase IV sessions cover: Negotiating Salary Offers, Networking, Servant Leadership, Money Management, conflict and success tips for the first year on the job.

All Chapter LEAD: is designed to enhance overall chapter operations and provide useful life skills for members.
All chapter LEAD Sessions are split into three modules. Module A focuses on personal development (Etiquette, Wellness, Stress management, Diversity, Scholarship, Etc.) Module B focuses on Chapter Development (Goal Setting, Effective Meetings, Accountability, Officer Transitions) Module C is all about risk reduction (Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Assault, Substance Abuse, Fire Safety)


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